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These are just a few cuttings from emails as they were written, I have changed or edited nothing….


These are just a few cuttings from emails as they were written, I have not changed or edited anything….

Thank you Mark.. It was truly a pleasure knowing you and learning from you. It felt so sad leaving the centre today I never thought it would end so soon! You made it very joyful and unorthodox for all of us! Thank you for sharing your valuable experience and philosophies. The course exceeded my expectations.

Hope u reach home safe and dandy.. Tell Freddy next time she should try to join you and get an essence of Kuwait’s dessert feast

See you soon..

Hadeel Almehri


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your email, I was going to email you regards my portrait photo.

I have to tell you that this course was my first  photography course, after many years of delay !! I am so happy that I start learning from you, I real gained a lot from the course.

Within few months I am travelling to UK to start my PhD at University of Sheffield, I would be happy to know  about any photography workshops in UK.

Kindly regards,

Munirah Abdulhadi


Dear mr.mark,

I have really enjoyed my time In ur class and to be honest I didn’t expected to be that way.

I gained alot of information in few days essential ones. So thank u so much and I hope the next time u visit Kuwait u will see more improvement in our shots

I wish u all the best in ur life

And have a safe trip back home.


Noura aljerri


Hi Mark,

This is Nada Al Fares, the pleasure is all mine.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, I personally have gained a lot.

Looking forward to seeing you in the near future inshalla 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Best Regards,

Nada Al Fares


Hi Mark,

well it was my pleasure to be a student to such a great photgrapher like you…we’ll all gonna miss u so much and belive me, kuwait is missing u too..!

I realy hope to see u again around.. ;D

Merry x-mas sir and have a great one too! 😉



Dear mark,

Hi my name is Fawaz Ali Albaker, I’m from kuwait , also a member in

Kuwait Scince Club.

See you in January at Kuwait.

Thanks for the nise corse I enjoyed it.



thank you mark , i had a grate time and wish to see you in kuwait again


Hi Mark,

Just wanted to thank you so much for the course, it was definitely the best photography course i have ever taken, certainly learned a lot.

I’m sorry we missed you today, and hopefully we’ll see you very soon.. in May 🙂

have a great trip,

Nouf Abul


Deer Mr Mark ,

thank you for your course and the time you spend with us , i relay liked your way of approach and your way of seeing life it seems to me that you have affected each and every one in your life in a relay positive way , and i thank you for affecting mine you are now printed in my soul and I’ll be for ever in your dept , i really appreciate what you did to me today even that you make me cry 😉 ,

I’ll pray every day for your daughter and i wish from the bottom of my hart that she ‘ll get well .

last but not least it was an honer to know you you are really an angel

wish you all the best . tell we meet again

I contacted Mark Gillett on an unrelated issue seeking advise concerning travel photography.  From my initial e-mail Mark detected that there was more to my mail than met the eye, detecting with surprising accuracy the dissatisfaction of what I was doing, compared to what I wanted to be doing with my life.  Initially when Mark offered his coaching services I was a bit sceptical as I have always been someone who internalises these matters and resolved them by myself.  However I found Mark approachable and pleasant to talk to, so I decided to give it a go.  The benefit I got from our meetings were extremely beneficial.  I would not describe myself as somebody who needed severe life coaching but someone who needed dedicated time and a medium in order to exact upon what it was that I wanted to do with my life.  The whole process has completely changed my approach to everyday life and I have to admit that I’m pretty excited for what the future holds.

I hope the above is helpful to you.  I’ve been honest in my account and I am genuinely thankful for your help.  I look forward to meeting up with you in person over a coffee or a beer at some point in the future.  Until then lets stay in touch by e-mail and Skype.  Hopefully you are better looking in the flesh than you are on screen!!!!

Till next time.



Hi Mark and Kevin,

I wanted to share some great news with you………….news about Mackensie that originated from an opportunity you both gave him back in February last year……yep, the opportunity to join the team for the Sinai Expedition. I recall your concerns about his age with undertaking the trip……your decision to let him go ‘changed his life’ and I will be forever grateful to you both for letting him participate.

The great news……he called today from school to tell me that he passed his Common entrance… could hear the excitement in his voice as he read through his results…..brilliant!!. An hour later, I received a letter from Reeds School to say that following the results from Mackensie’s Common Entrance they can confirm his place at the school…….Fantastic!!

We all have a Proud Parent Moments and today is one of mine!!……..but 18 months ago I would not have dreamed that he could achieve the results he obtained and I was concerned with how he could turn things around! Then you both entered Mackensie’s life and I can say without any doubt that since his return from the desert the maturity, independence and self-belief he is showing has been a result of the opportunity, guidance, direction, and encouragement you gave him.

This last year has seen a new focus and determination, his teachers are amazed at his hard work and achievement, he was ‘elected’ as a prefect of the school, he has captained 1st Rugby and 2nd’s cricket teams, the deputy head of the school used Mackensie as an example of the standard and level of maturity he would like to see of children in their last year of school, he won the Common Entrance Cup at the school (a year ago he was 13th out of 14 in his class….now he is top of the class!!)………..and now acceptance at his next school!! For me these achievements are special because they have come from a boy who has taken responsibility for what he does and how he does it…….I’m convinced this has come from the opportunity you both gave him.

I wanted to share the above with you because a young life has been shaped through the opportunity you gave him. Mackensie has a foundation to build his life upon following his experience over the 6 months with you last year.

Mark and Kevin……..for Mackensie and I………..always know that your decision was the best decision you ever made!!

All the best



Thanks again for the awesome workshop I had a ball and learnt some great stuff. Most importantly it’s given me the drive and motivation to get back into my photography after being a bit slack recently. Your images are really inspirational for me and my type of photography which is a great motivator.

Can’t wait to catch up again, Wahiba sounds great – I hope I can fit it in




Mark you are an inspiration to say the least, and you taught me more than I ever expected to learn from the course when I signed up and I am extremely grateful for that, and thank you Yousef for organizing the event and making this possible.

I can’t wait to see you all in september. 😀

I dont have a flickr site yet but I am working on designing my own site so hopefully I’ll have that ready by september to share with all of you.

Thanks again,

Moodhi Alghanim


Yes, please use any of my comments on your site.  You really do make such an interesting mix of photography with life…. bless you (that’s of dubious meaning from an agnostic, but it seems appropriate!)  Thinking back about the course, it was good in so many ways:  the photography knowledge, skills (and

balance with practice sessions), and the dynamics you created between the people there.   That people could open up as they did reflects on your ability to connect with them.  As I said on the last day, being with young people with their enthusiasm and spontaneity was marvellous!

Thanks Mark, for all your great inputs.  The course has put me where I wanted to be (that is, moved on from grabbing the most suitable preset programme to being confident about other functions!)

I appreciate that once again you offer contact.  Your photographic portfolios reflect who you are and where you’ve been, and they are impressive, but you are also one of the few who truly walks the walk by offering of yourself in this way.  Thanks.  It is a future I need.

Did anyone ever tell you that you’re a real beaut Mark?  You have helped me feel more consistently upbeat over the last few weeks (though the quality of my photos annoys me still, I’ll work on it!)



Hello Mark,

Thank you for sharing these awesome pics. I still wonder how you got those clear night shots, amazing… just like Karima & I said ( black sky, yet very bright & clear lights, either  the taxi sign or the buildings…)  Do you mind sharing the camera settings you used for these shots? Did you use a tripod? 🙂  I never accomplished clear night shots without the use of tripod 😦

I also loved the black & white pics.  Thanks again for those inspiring & beautiful stories. I hope I’ll be able to do that one day 🙂

Best wishes,



Thank you so much for sending this , and also thank you for all your help . i really enjoyed the course and learned a lot .

i hope i can do much better the next few months for the exhibition .

have a great day




dear class mates I would like to thanking you for the wonderful time I spend it with you it was an honer to meet a kinde pepole like you, I saw  some of your works guys it was relly unbelevble, I relly injoyed the outdoor photography trips with you it reduse the high tempreture of the wether hopeing we will meet soon and as mohamed says its grait to do photography again some day together, its an honer to me. also a plenty of thanks to Mr. gellette and Mr. al qena’e for there grait job and orgnaizing the wonderful trips wishing for all of you the best in your life and sorry for my bad english

bu sager


thank you your the one who make me a star i lernd frome you alot thank you and hope to see you soon , it was a relly pleasure to lern frome you



It was a pleasure for me too. The main reason I signed up for your course was because I missed being a student and taking notes, getting homeworks for a change and also to learn more about photography (ofcourse), each person has his/her way in teaching it and I learn new things every time.

I was thinking of going on an African Safari (or to Zanzibar) with National Geographic Expeditions, I went with them previously to “An Assignment in Venice” (with Jim Richardson), I really enjoyed it however the two things that I didn’t like were the choice of hotels & restaurants, and because what I eat (no pork no alcohol) is not similar to what they eat I felt odd, also I could’ve just skipped eating with them but then they might think I’m being stand-offish. A bit awkward. They were very accommodating regarding that but still it wasn’t comfortable.

So yeah I’m definitely interested in an overseas destination.

I have some pics of Dhofar, Oman on a photosharing site. I’ll send you the link as soon as I remember its name and find it! Somehow its not in my bookmarks. :S

you’re a great teacher I learned a lot from you.




Hi All ,

I just want to say that I am honored of being a member of such a wonderful Group of photographers .. Nice, smart, Creative and Very polite group

You gave me a lot of Inspiration I learn a lot from each one of you .. I really got to The spirit of competition ;p

And I hope that you get all what you want in these six months in the photography and your life 😉

The end of the photography course doesn’t mean that we can’t regroup for a photography trips

What do all of you think of making the same kind of trips we made in the course but different places or the same  ? .. Regrouping,

Thank you all for a great 3 weeks 😉

Best Regards,

Muhammad S. Al Sabah

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June 28, 2010 at 10:07 am

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