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Has England Become “White Van Hell?

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I drive and ride my bike daily. I drive into London. I drive my daughter to school. I ride my bike to save on fuel, keep fit and most importantly I feel the total freedom when I unstrap it from my car and set off.

Over the last months I have noticed, more than ever, the increasing number of “white vans” on the roads. They tower above me whether I am on my bike or in my car. They approach behind tailgating with only inches to spare when I am in my car without any regard for the fact they could not pass as there is another car in front of me and another in front of that and so on. When I am on my bike they cut me up, squeeze me so close to the curb, hoot me, pass within inches of my elbows and I know they see me. I can see them looking at me in their mirror, usually gesticulating!

In recent weeks, I have experience a new and amusing development in their evolution. They seem to come with a passenger hanging out from the off-side window as a standard feature. Maybe it’s an upgrade? This passenger shouts abuse at almost everything it passes, and that happens to be me fairly often at 7.30am on the roads of London. Only last Friday was I jolted from my traffic jam haze by the screams of one of these “white van passengers” to get off my phone!!! Funnily I was not on it so assumed the screaming, crew cut Nigel Farage supporter must have been confused with the light that comes from the Parrot device on my dash. Poor fellow! The van moved further forward and he continued the abuse from afar and then started directing it at another car too..

Our roads have now become so infested with these vans, that I cannot imagine what they all do? Is it that the haulage companies have found a way to reduce their fuel bills and so split each load between 6 vans? Have the motor companies that produce them started selling at cut down prices to the Millwall football supporters? (I photographed on the sideline of a Millwall match a few years back, so I know what I’m talking about) or has Nigel Farage done a deal with with Ford, Iveco, Renault and the plethora of other companies vying to produce models for the British roads, where for supporting his party they get massive discounts? Whatever the reason I would really love to know as there now seems to be a massive imbalance between normal traffic and white vans. They have even taken over from the 4×4 school drop off mum in those same areas….

Anyway, just to sum up, Im not in the slightest bit prejudice, I never generalise and I do lots of research… Apparently they are worth a whopping 35 billion to the economy.. Perhaps they should be running the country!?

Written by markgillett

December 8, 2014 at 11:05 am

Posted in Travel

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