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Free Image Downloads Explained

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I started to make my images free for download today. For the majority of people it has been so well received on Facebook which didn’t surprise me. Why wouldn’t free images be well received? They are available free only at lo res and for web blog use or general personal use on phones or websites. Everything else like prints, press images or commercial still has to be paid for.

I suppose the way I see it is that I have been paid for most of the work I have done at events, I need promotion and marketing all the time which I could pay for in terms of time or employing a specialist or I could pay by giving away some work. Which ever way I choose its costs me. Time or images. In my business it makes far more sense to pay in images so I get more out there and people who can’t afford to pay get their websites off the ground. Those who could pay but don’t never will anyway so its a kind of win win, really. Lets face it, Im not giving away 2 metre prints framed for the office wall and if you want this you can still buy it. I am not giving away images that will make a double page spread or cover of a magazine. Im just allowing people to promote me via my own work.

So with this in mind, have a shufti through my photoshelter site and if you find anything that appeals for your phone, desktop or latest blog, go ahead and download with the watermark.

I hope this helps at least a few people who would otherwise not get access to this sort of imagery and hopefully one day you might ask me to come and shoot your next big project.



Written by markgillett

March 24, 2014 at 5:48 pm

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