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False Belief

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Not sure if this post will end up a tad cynical but I have some time to waste while I wait for my visa to be stamped in my passport. In fact I have wasted many hours over the last few days just for this so the journey had better make up for it, if it ever gets going that is.

Anyway I am sat I a cafe on Pall Mall in the window seat. Feel a bit like one of those girls in the windows of Amsterdam with every passerby taking a look. But I had to take the window seat to ensure my bike stays chained to the railing outside and does not get whipped away by some thieving little shit as has happened in the not so distant past! I can assure you, I won’t be baring my chest over the next hour or so, either.

I noticed all the opulent buildings and imagine the businesses that reside in them. The owners of which probably took up residence on one of the Caribbean Islands or the French Riviera many years ago. I then imagine all those little worker bees (human slaves) buzzing away to help keep these people in their lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter too much what it is they do either. There are the traders on the Exchange, van drivers, accountants who count the riches and take a tiny percentage for their efforts. The lawyers or sharks the feed off the battle wounded from divorce to corporate wrangles involving billions. All of them trying to make their buck and a few at the top making all the bucks and controlling who gets what.

My thoughts then went to the monotony of people’s lives. How they repeat day after day the same old stuff. Get on the train, go to the city, trade, sit in front a a computer, drive a bus, drive a taxi and so on. These thoughts then took me to some of the adventurous souls I know and how they talk about breaking out of the mould. Some of them regularly give talks. The same talk over and over again. Speaking engagements that become so repetitious that they also fall into the same habits.

Only yesterday my partner coach had a meeting with another coaching company. Her assessment of it was just this. “I listened to exactly the same spiel coming out of the owner it’s like it’s all he knows!” And as she told me I remembered the times I have repeated the same crap to 10 different people knowing I am doing it and hating it.

So what can I take from all these ramblings while wait for my visa? I suppose life is about repeating. The whole world wakes up with the sun, strives for something better and sleeps at night to recover. We all eat 3 times a day. We all do pretty much the same things just in a different environment and for someone else. So judging someone for a “lesser” role or job is just sad. And believing you are somehow better or different is very false and sad too as people no matter what are all pretty much the same. And we all die.

While I have been sat here maybe 200 people have walked by. One person looked in and beamed a smile and I reciprocated. That made my day. If there is anything you can do to make your day better it’s probably to smile. So simple.

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October 17, 2013 at 11:45 am

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Coaching Bad

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Like so many people I have recently watched Breaking Bad. I am not a TV fan and only watch a few things on catchup or the streaming channels if they really appeal or come recommended. I am not sure why I watched Breaking Bad as it neither appealed nor came recommended, I was just intrigued by the press and media surrounding it. If you intend watching it and don’t want to know any detail it might be an idea to stop reading now but if you have seen it, I would love to read your opinion too. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 2, 2013 at 2:20 pm

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