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France, writing and a retreat!

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My daily view

My daily view

I decided to spend 10 days away in August to get the bones of my first book drafted. I did that, still have more to write and will spend the next week away trying to finish the first draft.

But I would like to take the time and space here to post about where I stayed. A kind of review about a farmhouse in Villetoureix, Riberac in the Dordogne. I did a deal with the owners who will be marketing this beautiful retreat from next year. For me it was just perfect this year! I do images and a short film (coming) and I can go there for a week.. 

It is set inland by about an hour and half by car from Bordeaux. From Haslemere it was a 15 hour drive including dog pee stops, human pee stops, Eurotunnel and some slow driving with loud singing of course! the journey just flew by and was really not a problem but I have been told you can fly too.. Wow, what choice!

The offending dog!

The offending dog!

I took my bike as this was my inspiration each day with a couple of hours out in the morning and then lunch and begin to write.. Or not depending on mood.

View from the kitchen

View from the kitchen

I arrived at the farmhouse and was blown away by its beauty. It is very old indeed and typically French, of course! A beautiful large courtyard, a garden full of vines, and arches and secret passageways. And geese in the next farm chattering away but not disturbing. So the Foie Gras was never far away! haha.. Sorry that might be upsetting for some of you and I don’t really know if thats what they were there for…

There are two houses. The main farmhouse and a cottage. The  main house is huge and old with 3 bedrooms and the cottage has four and done out a bit more recently and quite modern. Its been done very tastefully tho keeping the farm traditional look and huge kitchen with old wooden table and a beautiful huge fire place.

My favourite place was the kitchen of the original farmhouse and the courtyard. This is where I spent most of my time. Except when I was out at the local cafe of course!

The kitchen of the main farm house

The kitchen of the main farm house

The area throws up so much to do.. Markets on each day in various local towns, a beautiful river to swim or canoe in and plenty of peaceful roads to cycle. And not too hilly either. Just stunningly beautiful.

I will be going back in October to get a few more minutes of footage and then I will get the film done too… But until then if you have any queries about the house or cottage for renting contact Gwenan Jones below.

Anyway, Ill let the images tell you the rest and if you are interested in renting the farm contact Gwenan Jones on carryonfarming @

Gallery. These images are a mix of the farmhouse, cottage and the surrounding area. For a more detail on the area and farm, contact Gwenan

Written by markgillett

September 3, 2013 at 1:50 pm

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  1. Beautiful gallery, beautifully captured the elements of your trip!

    Jean Alaba

    September 3, 2013 at 2:59 pm

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