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Sunshine, London, Life & My Bike…..

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Summer Sun... Is this really the UK?

Summer Sun… Is this really the UK?

Cycling through London for the last month has been great for many reasons…

Firstly I am back to a pretty cool level of fitness, both mental and physical! But its also been great to see so many people out and about running, walking or cycling… I pass at least 100 runners at 6.30am with backpacks on their way to work and thats over a 11km ride.. I see thousands of cyclists everywhere…

The sun has shone for most of this time too and the mood of people has been so lifted..

I have two phone calls recently that just encapsulate the mood. The first is a friend who is developing a studio and some awesome pieces of art.. Having returned from travelling she was absolutley broke with no idea what to do other than use her creativity and this she has done so well.. Just go here to see My advice is to buy now or oder a commission soon because she is going to be selling at some pretty high prices very soon…

An image sent to me by a friend... I was recovering, of course!

An image sent to me by a friend… I was recovering, of course!

Then last night I had a call from another photographer I am helping… “Mark, I just left my job” was her opening line… Leslie was in a sound job in the city woking as an events promoter and interior designer but she was employed! She has worked with prestigious companies like IMG but just thought “life’s too short”. She is now going to fulfil her dream of becoming a photographer.. And she will.

On my ride in this morning, I was wondering if it was the weather or just that people in UK are feeling so positive… I am sure 4 weeks of good weather has helped along with our sporting achievements, and the prospect of another week at least has helped but fundamentally I think its more that people are just fed up of being fed up… The more positive you see, the more positive you will be.. If you surround yourself with the same type of people it just gets better… This I know to be true from activities I have done in the past…

Now cycling has grabbed me I have even taken time to find out who Bradley Wiggins actually is. I also now know who Chris Froome is too and have a little knowledge about the Tour de France…

I bought the bike to save me money… I love my car but just cant afford the fuel prices…. Its had a multi effect on me tho… I don’t blow stupid money on fuel, I get fit, have time to think, and generally feel the best I have for a while… There is no excuse really for feeling bad… Weather does help tho and its too common here to let it get us down… Maybe the answer is to swap with the Spanish and let them all come here and we can all move there…. A bit like house swapping but just by the country instead… I think we’d do pretty well in spain..

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July 16, 2013 at 11:59 am

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