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Toughest Race Yukon Quest?

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This is now my fourth year in the Yukon since 2009… I first came for the Yukon Arctic Ultra which starts a day behind the Quest and runs the same trail.. Its a very tough event and competitors really put themselves through a lot of pain. A real endurance event. I have run in marathons everywhere and also the Marathon des Sables in 2006… Of everything I have done, the Marathon of 26 miles is still by far the toughest. The MDS which is 250km in the Sahara was different.. Certainly tough but also a great laugh and I had a great time… So the nearest description I can find for that is a “running holiday” However, a marathon of 26 miles is certainly not that and its far more painful with an indescribable intensity in the training and the race…

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February 4, 2013 at 6:17 am

The 1000 Mile Yukon Quest Starts

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The Quest finally got underway today and it was warmer than any year I have attended… Out car read 1 degree on the way to Braeburn.

Here are a few photos and I will blog post stories as they emerge.. For today it was just important to get the first images out. We are now at Braeburn editing, posting and creating our first short video for the race….. The first mushers are due in around 11pm so it could be a long night… Posts coming…

Written by markgillett

February 3, 2013 at 2:40 am