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EyeforLife Kuwait 2012

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EyeforLife 2012 this month is an all new course with some exciting material. The main theme is 2012 and how you improve what you currently do with clear targets as well as instruction on how to improve your skills. Just as important is how you improve your life too and the work we do will help you plan your coming years….

Imagine freeing up your mind of all the garbage you have accumulated and stops you moving forward. Starting with a blank sheet a bit like a child. Suddenly your creativity will just explode. We will look at ways to develop this, ways to look forward and not back. Ways to improve everything you do to have a positive effect in the future.

I am also introducing GoPro into the mix for the first time too. See first hand how I have put together an exciting new project and how it can inspire you with your new projects.

Go here to book or more information.

Stand out in your life....

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January 19, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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World Flight Ban…..: Old post republsi

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World Flight Ban…..: Old post republsihed.

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January 15, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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World Flight Ban…..

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I got back from Morocco in the nick of time, or so I was told.  In fact it never even entered my head.

The recent flight ban due to volcanic ash stopped flights all over Europe. In theory this could happen worldwide one day if a few volcanoes decide to erupt simultaneously. I thought about it a bit when I tried to book the Eurotunel for my trip home but found no change, no hassle and just a little more traffic at the terminal but on the roads there was far less.  Obviously passing Gatwick I would expect to see heavy traffic even early in the morning but there was none.

A few days later I thought more and more about the lack of flights.  The so called problems it had caused. But all I had from friends and colleagues were exciting stories. One had taken days to get back from Oslo. Another an eternity from Japan! Someone had spent thousands on a taxi from Germany but all stories were happy ones. They could not wait to share their stories. Stories of real journeys or expeditions. The type of journeys we miss because we fly.  Then I thought about why we fly? For me, door to door Woking to Pairs is half an hour longer by car.  I don’t have to check in. I don’t have to sit next to someone  that smells or that has awful breath.  I can listen to my music and make my calls in peace.  I also do not have to take my bloody shoes, belt and braces off each time I go through customs. Admittedly for long haul I might choose to fly but then I started thinking about that too.

Holidays would be s much more pleasurable.  Would it really hinder me to not be able to fly on holiday? I could still go all over Europe, to the Stans in Asia, in fact many places that I have never been before.  The Caribbean might be a bit tough but so what? I have only been once and am not hankering to return…. I thought about possible journeys to Morocco.  A few days driving, camping and nice hotel on the way in Spain. We would see and experience so much more.  Then we would have the freedom of our car in Morocco. When it was time to come home it would just be part of the journey and we would continue to expeirence the land we covered and people we meet. So much more enriching than airports and crap food and the depression of returning home.

I suppose business was affected hence the histeria in the news. Commerce which our world relies on so heavily was damaged.  But then, was it really?  Would it be without flying? I am not so sure. We would adapt, our farming practices would become more healthy, we would go back to eating seasonal fruits and probably suffer less from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Market stalls would flourish and supermarkets would vanish…..  Corner shops would pop up.  There would be fewer conglomerates and more local wealth.  Travel would be exciting and more enriching.  Our lives would overall be healthier and probably morally stronger too. We could still travel.  Humans have travelled successfully for centuries without flying.  And in fact most humans don’t travel much but stay put and perhaps go on one or two holidays a year.

So! Would I miss flights? Not in the slightest. It would for me make the world a more exciting place. And most definitely a more healthy one. Other forms of transport would flourish and travel would continue. Our creativity would return in our efforts to explore and invent clean transport. Travel if we really wanted to. And those who didn’t would not have the dilemma of weather to spend thousands on a sunny holiday in a dirty resort or go explore the lakes, coastline or cities close to home……

Flying did allow me to get the above shots though!  Got to work now………

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January 15, 2012 at 11:28 am

Large Format Wall Prints

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Well, I have finally put together a gallery of images that would look good on your living room, bedroom or office wall…  All the prints are available at any size and normally will arrive unframed so you can custom buy to suite your home. The two galleries I have begun with are a general and one specifically of Paris. Email me to get a price.

Go here to view –

And here –

Select and send me the form email with any questions or orders….

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January 5, 2012 at 2:29 pm

EyeforLife 2012 – Kuwait

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We have a new EyeforLife coming up in January from 19th to 21st… Contact me for details or go to and book now

New course, new material and all very exciting.

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January 2, 2012 at 11:08 am


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So here is a my Happy New Year to anyone who reads my blog… I have not posted enough recently so again vow to start the year well, get bogged down with lots of good work, struggle to blog as often as I should BUT this year I will make a change.. I will keep up the blogs throughout the year and hopefully renew the current blog look.

I also have an exciting year ahead with a number of projects already started.

The first is the Yukon Quest in February. Myself and a small team have been awarded the media/photography contract which has been on my wish list for some time. Well now we have it and now we have to perform…

I also have a Kuwait trip coming up in January with a new EyeforLife workshop, new material and very exciting too…

The rest I will inform you about gradually over the coming weeks… Please comment and keep in touch in your way too and connect to this blog by subscribing to keep up to date…

Happy New Year


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January 1, 2012 at 6:54 pm