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Time for Change… Not just in the Middle East

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The Arab Spring, The Arab Uprising, The Middle East Revolts are all too common titles right now….  But the more I read, the more I see that its not just in the Middle East. Its in Spain, England, France, even in cities in the US. and if real change is to happen it has to be in the “old powers” as well as the new emerging nations of the world.

Democracy has been spread fiercely since the end of WW2. With USA, UK and France pushing forward with the spread of Western power at the end of the British Empire, the world has taken on a new look of globalism, commerce and banking. But these very foundations are too weak to survive as human beings need more than commercial goods and money. On the face of it, yes money and power are very appealing but the emptiness, lack of soul that this alone brings is now evident across the Western world; Broken societies, morally corrupt as well as financially corrupt institutions, and family breakdowns and divorce at an all time high do not make for happy societies. We cant even walk our streets safely in our free world – read

On the contrary, neither do dictators or religious fundamentalist, zealots and moralists who take away personal freedom and individualism as we so often see in many societies across middle Asia. All we see is another form of power by the very few human beings who are capable of convincing the majority that they are right….. And the only ones who gain are those in power, not the masses.

What we see now is a power being exerted by the masses where in the past they did not have the voice, they can now speak as one but in their millions… And what has given them this voice this is Facebook and Twitter, two very Western enterprises.

Social media has given a voice to the people. Its has given them a strength they did not have before…or one they did not have the confidence to exert. This new confidence has toppled regimes and started new processes of power. It has brought together religions (Egypt and Bahrain) instead of used them against each other as governments have been all to happy to do…And why? Because the majority of the masses just want to live peacefully with their neighbours, work and bring up healthy free thinking and educated families.

However, we are now in a critical period of preserving this power and not letting the scared powers that be of monitoring and controlling social media as it has learned to do with TV and press. Where what we read and take part in on FB remains open and free without government political censorship….

France and president Sarkozy has already highlighted the need for regulation and journalist are restricted on mentioning their social media accounts…

France has long been known for its protectionism, power status and total disregard for most areas of the world other than those who benefit it directly. UK and USA are not much different but in France the secret society is sacrosanct. Just take a look at how they dealt with the Strauss Kahn case in the media…Defending his actions, Jean Francios Kahn “it was just another lifting of a maids skirt” and Jack Lang, a former government minister “Its not like anyone died!” Women in France are now beginning their revolt too….

It is this world too that will change if we see and enhance the real power of social media and therefore the people. Where one persons voice can be amplified by 2 million believers or ignored by the same if it is not valid.

I see exciting times ahead and I see the Middle East in a prime position to re write the word freedom and allow its people to live peacefully, healthily, safely and morally strong without the dictatorship of fundamentalist, banks, commerce, secret society governments, corporations and individuals bent on profit.

Written by markgillett

June 13, 2011 at 4:05 pm

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