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I don’t think I have watched and read the news with such a focussed mind as in recent weeks..  The developments since the first demonstrations in Tunisia have moved at such an alarming pace and it seems that no one knows where next….

I have read BBC reports that try to predict the outcome, Al Jazeera that just seem to report good stuff. Or not good but merely what they see without too much bullshit. I have watched CNN and their versions and analysis’s, ITN with its opinion…..  And the conclusion I come to is we actually have absolutely no idea whats next.

Around 27 years ago I was living in Dubai. I remember this well as it was where my political mind started developing. I was travelling to parts of the globe I had only dreamt about, observing cultures, political dominance, different systems, corruption and power struggles. I was also observing the normal human being and their wants and needs.

I remember saying back then that capitalism as we know it surely can’t last. It would cave in on itself…. It is just another form or power and control based on money rather than commune building.

The average human being wants to be comfortable, men want to build for their families and women want to have equality and build loving homes. Families want to be full of love but also hope for a better future. But our system doesn’t really give us this. It is heavily geared towards making us think we are free but allowing so few to really benefit from the wealth created by the masses working so hard….

We are taxed more heavily than ever before and for what? To support our military campaigns in propping up our energy suppliers or trying to install our version of freedom around the world.

We have gender role confusion with men losing identity and women feeling guilty about not being at home with their children or that they should be working an 8 hour day in the office, or both having to work so hard just to eek out a living and keep our kids in school. Expectations are so high that depression, anxiety and suicide are at record levels around the world.

What I see now is world of leaders that do not know what they want. Western governments who have to say they applaud what is happening because its leading to democracy. However, they are running scared because so much of their power and economics have been built by putting dictators or tribal leaders in place to ensure the flow of gas and oil. Put in place and protected by those very Western “democratic” governments. But I see a world of people who do know what they want and its not what they are getting…..

The world has been run on hypocrisy for so long now that I see these new happenings going so much further than North Africa or the Middle East. America must be in danger of similar unrest. It has one of the most corrupt systems in the world today. A country with huge debt, unemployment and disparity between rich and poor. The right to print trillions of dollars when times are tough…. A country who could lose everything if the dollar suddenly becomes discarded by the rest of the world…. I real hotbed for unrest.

Europe is now such a mix of races and nationalities that each country finds it hard to define itself. Unemployment is high and countries are going bankrupt so fast where the only people who suffer are those who foot the tax bills – the populations. The average earners. And as with the US the undercurrents for unrest are building………. I believe there is a government policy/understanding with most Western countries of “5 days to anarchy” and our military chiefs work on this level. What we have seen recently demonstrates exactly this. It does not take long for normal life to cease.

Where we go from here I would not like to speculate on, only that whatever happens has to be honest which seems so difficult for those in power…. People are wising up to being “hoodwinked”. With the power of Facebook and Twitter (the people) now showing more strength than that of the powers who set policy and run our countries I can only see a very bumpy ride ahead. And for everyone. Power seems to be heading back to the people and in real terms, not just in terms of press freedom but in the decisions that are being made by our democratically elected leaders. If they really are democratically elected that it……

I watch all this with interest as the Middle East really is in my heart. I have travelled there all my working life. I love going there and I love the people. I find their freedoms greater than ours in many ways. Those of my own country, UK, have eroded over time to us being watched, filmed, monitored by the banks, credit agencies, local authorities and so on…..

When I travel to Kuwait I see a freer society but more importantly one beautifully led by families and morals. Government has its power and still sets laws but family seems more powerful…… But read the BBC News and Kuwait could be next.  Maybe it will, maybe New Orleans will be next. Maybe Paris.

My final thoughts for now are that leaders need to listen. Realise why they were elected and act on what they hear. Work for their people and not for themselves or their parties.

They must realise that they are accountable and will be toppled if they do not listen. They will not last with lies and hypocrisy. They will tumble as fast as they rise. Control the banks……

Life is short and our time here is surely to make it a better and more honest place for our children. And to educate them to do the same for their children. In 110 years there will be no on left on this planet that is here today. Maybe the odd person who makes it over that age but that is not likely….

We owe to those that will be here to have somewhere peaceful to exist……………..

Written by markgillett

February 25, 2011 at 3:30 pm

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  1. A very thought-provoking post Mark. Your love for the middle east has been evident in previous posts and although it is not a region I know well, it is something I understand, having worked a lot in south-east Asia a number of years ago. I can understand your anxiety for the unknown future and hope as you do that things will end up better for the population’s of the areas where there is unrest.


    February 26, 2011 at 9:05 am

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the response… I hope for the whole world. There are an awful lot of unhappy people out there. Hope you are well.


      February 26, 2011 at 10:07 am

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