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Not my car, but I thought an apt image for the article!

I haven been debating for some time about upgrading from my 1Dmk 2’s to the mk 4 and 5Dmk2. I am not debating anymore!!

I have used my current setup now for a few years and am very comfortable but the question of upgrading always eats away at us when I believe it should not. I beat the urge some years ago with computers and cars always thinking the next thing will be so much better. It usually is for around 4 months but then the novelty wears off and seeing any benefit is truly difficult. Except for an upgrade I made 4 years ago from PC to Apple. This was of course a major step up.

I now only upgrade when my current computer is falling apart from travel wear or it just dies….  As this does not happen frequently I am only on my second Mac in 4 years and thats becasue my first was literally falling apart. Held together with Duck Tape and one replacement hard drive I thought I was justified. Plus, my daughter was in need and desperately wanted a Mac so I fixed it up, cleaned it nicely and gave it to her. This of course made her really happy which in turn made me happy too. When asked if she would like a new computer she said “I’d really prefer your old Mac daddy”.

So, to my car….  This I used to upgrade every time it reached around 60,000 miles as I heard heard this was high mileage. Or of course if my ex deemed it too dangerous as it did not have enough safety bags or too hot as it had no air con. Not anymore though. Now I have my car that gets me back and forth between Paris and Haslemere frequently and has around 180,000 miles on the clock, no air bags, no aircon and it makes it far more eco friendly than any other car. Around 300% more than most. Every now and then I clean her and she feels good again. My mechanic is cool and loves to see her from time to time so between us we keep her sweet…..

Now to my cameras again. I could follow the trend and upgrade to the latest but that would set me back ALOT of ‘dosh’. So I look at what I have, what it produces and wonder why on earth I would spend another 6,000 just to upgrade?

What drives this need is good marketing. It happens everywhere in the commercial world otherwise the economy would collapse and we would all return to living off the land with little more than our families, wellies, and a few livestock.  Not a bad option sometimes!

Marketing that tells us we need a better camera with more pixels, marketing that tells us 60,000 miles is high and that the car will fail us. Marketing that tells us our skin will age unless we use the right creams or sun lotions.  But i have now firmly got the grasp of this term marketing. Its called “Bullshit”.  It was explained to me by a copyrighter friend many years ago. He was a highly successful businessman and made his millions so could speak freely. He certainly did but it has taken a few years to sink in.

My first DSLR was a Canon 10D. It was 6.3 megapixels and I could print happily to 30 by 20 and even to a meter if I so wished. Before that I used Canon film cameras and printing big was never an issue and the resolution was less that my 10D.

Now I use the 8.3 mp 1Dmk2’s, get my work published, have images regularly printed at 1m plus and I am more than happy with the resolution. So why on earth would I upgrade? Too keep up with other photogs? Too look good? to say I have the latest and greatest?

I have done a few tests and cannot see any discernible  differences between mine and the new model. Its the same shape, needs a battery, the button layout is a little different. It is suppose to have faster AF, but really? The difference I can’t feel and am sure that the average user would never know. The AF points are suppose to be more sensitive and in low light I think they are. This I could do with…….  Noise? well this never really bothered me so I care little about using 6400 ISO. Metering, well this has not changed much in years. But the one feature I would like is the video capability as I am considering moving towards filming too. This can wait a bit though as I have a good Sony!

What I have is a camera that only a few years ago was the best out there. In my mind it still is and I have no desire to clog up my computer with bigger files, spend 6000 to feel good or keep up when what I have is just a beautiful piece of engineering that still works as it did the day I bought it……..

However, there is one last thought. If you are loaded or have huge amounts of disposable cash then upgrading is fun. If it makes you feel good then why not. You just not feel bad if you don’t or can’t.

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January 18, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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  1. Cars, Computers – yes! Cameras…maybe1 If it aint broke why fix it1 Having said that I bought a EOS 20D when it first came out, I have since purchased a 50D and use the 20D as a second camera (a necessity). I’n ow looking to off-load that, a trade-in hopefully, and get another camera.

    I wouldn’t change for the sake of it, the 60D seems gimicky but there are others within the Canon range I fancy!


    Jamie Waddell

    January 19, 2011 at 10:03 am

  2. interesting, i always notice i start lusting after new things (cars mostly) when perhaps something else in my life is out of synch, if i catch it early enough and see what is really bothering me (before i reach for the credit card again) I can just about keep it in check. that said i have a greater trainer collection than imelda marcos

    one of my favourite holidays was in the gard province of france, where there just seemed to be nothing about, being removed from the constant marketng bombardment and reminders of what i do not have was the best break.


    January 19, 2011 at 2:07 pm

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