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Marketing – A bit more for those about to run the MDS…..

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MDS Start Line 2010


…You are about to run the event of your life, or at least most of you are, so don’t be overly worried about ‘stuff’; if your shirt is the right material, has great wicking properties, shoes that support better than any others, or do my gaiters stop all the sand?

It does not matter a whole lot. You need enough food for a week so choose that well and pack it well as you have to carry it. Your shoes are to protect your feet. The best are those you have been wearing for the last 3 years. I wore my Nike Pegasus and they were great. For your clothing, keep it simple. You don’t need wicking materials as is so hot that your shirt is rarely wet; its just evaporates. Wear what you like and feel good in. I wore a £2.80 cotton t shirt. Far more comfortable than nylon which is basically what running shirts are made of. Socks? Well go online and you will find a plethora or blister preventing socks but believe me the environment is far bigger than those socks. They will be mushed, full of sweat and totally buggered of any great properties by the end of day one and if you take a pair for each day, your pack will be way too heavy too. If you are going to blister, nothing but pulling out will prevent it. Wear what you normally do and learn how to deal with blisters.

My last post can be read here and talks about how we feel the need to upgrade. How marketing leads our minds. This is exactly the same for the MDS. People will tell you what to take, what to wear and what to eat but for each of you it is very individual.

You will have everything you need in your backpack to survive for a week in the desert. The support on the event is huge and the medical service second to none. You will have no reason to not succeed if you believe….  To be honest, if you want to complete it badly enough, you could rock up in a pair of sandals, a tshirt and shorts, sleeping bag, small medical kit and food for the week and you will cross that finish line smiling having achieved great things. Relax and enjoy your prep…..

Written by markgillett

January 18, 2011 at 5:55 pm

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