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Limiting Beliefs

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I have watched this video many times. I thought much about his methods and as a coach I both like them and dislike them. I have also used them on occasions in a different sporting arenas and successfully, usually not by choice but out of frustration. I didnt like doing it but I also knew the result would end positive. My believe was greater than the pupils. The lady in the video believed she was trying her hardest. She truly believed she could not do the 30 second run. However she actually did it around 4 times just short of the 30 seconds. Had she completed it the first time she would not have wasted time and effort doing it 3 more times. Pushing yourself is tough, though. Finding motivation from others or being pushed is often how we eventually find how far we actually can go but once you have been helped to achieve something you thought you could not do, it is important to learn from that. Repeat it yourself. Practice it and keep demanding more of yourself. It is important to find the inspiration from within.
Most of our limits are self induced. This could be from upbringing, environment or simply experience. Identifying our limiting beliefs is critical if we want to progress and achieve or real potential. This can be done through coaching or a lot of mindful work on ourselves. What is important is that you recognise that you are not really reaching your potential whether in be in a personal achievement or a professional one and then doing something about it.
In coaching I often use the term “don’t stop at the first right answer”. Push for more right answers. There are many and I see this in my much in my photographic work. I can take a good shot but I always take more looking for the exceptional shot. I look from a different perspective.. I position myself differently, change my lens. Life is no different. A can do belief system will get you a lot further and keep you in a stronger place mentally. The pushing does not necessarily have to be in the physical sense either, as in the video, but an experience like this can often lead to opening our minds to improving and reaching new goals.

Written by markgillett

September 14, 2010 at 1:29 pm

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  1. am enjoying these ideas of limiting beliefs, the opposite might be to have lots of belief in yourself. Mark where do you believe this comes from, is it just simply from lots of practice ? so you know you can do it and how you will deal with a situation.

    I have attached a clip of some people who perhaps let their mind relax at the crucial stage and their body followed.


    September 20, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    • Very interesting… Will reply tomorrow in full, Kes…..


      September 20, 2010 at 7:42 pm

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