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Intent, mistakes and still winning

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His intent was to win... He did.

I read through an old post called intent and took this paragraph and have decided to add a few bits..

In sport you have an opponent you wish to beat. It is unlikely you will win without mistakes and failing is a part of the process in any sport as it is in life. In sailing for example or golf, your opponent is not fighting against you directly but still has an effect on your performance. You are aware of them, their standing, their ability and what you have to do to win. On that journey you will make mistakes but this does not mean you wont win, or be first. It is no different in life but its how you deal with these failures or mistakes along the way that can increase your chance of success. Having intent and consistently striving for your goal will greatly increase your chances even more. In both sport and life there is a battle that needs to be thought through and tackled with tenacity and skill but can only be done effectively with intent.

Making mistakes is really not the best way of looking at something you do that has an undesirable result, however, thinking of it as an action that has a consequence is more productive. If the consequence in not to your liking change the action next time. Change how you do it or what you do. The result will be better…. More in a bit.. Off for a run.

Written by markgillett

August 31, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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