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New Expedition…New Challenge

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Planning has started in earnest and my new expedition is set to depart in November.  It will be the biggest I have undertaken in terms of time but I still wonder in terms of logistics and certainly responsibility.

Logistically I am not sure that taking 11 youths across the Sinai desert was not the most difficult and in terms of responsibility it was surely the biggest. The safe guards one needs to put in place have to be so tight when taking other peoples children on such a journey. The temperatures were in excess of 50 degrees each day and dehydration and exhaustion were a real daily threat.

November will be very different. Safeguards will be in place, training will be intense and obviously there is a huge responsibility to what I am embarking on, not least to my partner who will venturing into the real expedition world for the first time.

Our journey will be a first for him and his nation and a political one for me as well as the self challenge of course.  We will also represent a fledgling company who are about encouraging change in attitudes.

I will update you more when I have finalised certain details but until then, keep thinking…

Written by markgillett

March 24, 2010 at 11:03 am

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