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Schroders - One of the most successful teams I have seen in sport and in the office. Strengths were leadership and respect.

I often questioned myself as a team player. In sport I was a tennis player which many see as an individual sport but throughout my career I have played probably more team tennis than tournaments and when in tournaments I still travelled with other players that sort of formed a team of support.

Over time and with expeditions I began to question less and see how I am a team player. I see the necessity of teams and their function.

Back to tennis, the teams I played on were strong and depended on each other in many ways. To know your position in the team was essential and to understand the role. Knowing that you might lose to number 1 & 2 but your matches again 3 & 4 were vital. Respect for the team captain (leader) was essential but also needed to be earned by him. For latter years it was me but I learned a lot from team leaders in earlier years. I have also seen many bad leaders. Support was also a vital role in all my teams, tennis or expeditions and business too.

I am currently putting together a team of people to help with my next venture. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this at it was not that long ago I was doing the same.

Its important to pull a team together with the necessary joint skills to accomplish the task. Members you respect, have greater knowledge than yourself and that respect you. Members who become as important to the task as you in the leader role but also know that the final decision or responsibility is yours.

When I captained tennis teams I was often not the number 1 player. Too often for my liking but I had to respect that I was getting older and they were getting stronger. However, I new my place, my strengths and weaknesses and my number in the team. And that I was the captain!

My expeditions have been much the same. I have not always been the most experienced or knowledgeable. Often by a long way. But I know what I need to get the task done and achieve my goal.  And I know I can achieve it with a great team around me. That benefits everyone as all are equal in the success.

Well, thats it for this morning, I am off to see some more possible team members to help me in may latest venture……

Oh, and families are teams too…

Written by markgillett

March 17, 2010 at 8:44 am

Posted in Travel

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