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Back in Training

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I have not trained with a goal now since pulling out of the London Marathon in 2008 but recently I have embarked on the biggest expedition of my life.  I will go into detail in a short while but in the mean time it is great to be in training again. I woke on Sunday morning with the same feeling that I had for 6 years every Sunday. Long run day!

The difference between running with a goal and running just to keep in shape is huge. I cannot describe the change in a few hours but it just goes to prove that purpose and intent are key factors in all that we do.

Work is no different and although it sometimes becomes a chore it is essential to know your purpose. To know what it is that gets you out of bed every morning to do much the same as the day before.

For many of us our work content does change and if you are lucky enough to have a job that you love its even better but drill down to the facts and we still mostly do the same day in day out. And its this reason that you must know why.

My short term goals have just changed massively with my new undertaking and I will post soon on exactly what that is. It will change my life but hopefully will change the life of others too.

Above are a few images of the beautiful land around where I live and running the canal felt so good again. So did getting out my pack!

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March 15, 2010 at 3:22 pm