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Marathon des Sables – Last minute prep…

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Its getting close to departure now for the MdS runners and because of my own trip out there I am thinking about my preparations.  But I also know what is going through the minds of the runners. The nerves, the worry, apprehension for some, the excitement and eagerness.  Maybe the fact that they have niggles or injuries that might impede their success. But I also know how huge the event is and that niggles will not really figure. The MdS is bigger than any niggles and unless it’s an acute injury it will go away on the start line and not return again.

I know that kit will be spread out over the bedroom floor or that there will be last-minute purchases fearing that more is needed or that kit is not suitable. Worry about shoes and clothes.  Food and nutrition with calorie counts and if enough electrolytes have been purchased.

All these worries are normal, though, and are part of the success for most runners. Its called preparation and if it is done well success is pretty much for sure.  I had my kit out for 4 months, adding to it, taking from it, counting, packing, unpacking, staring at it and so on.  It’s just my way.

What is scary is those who do not prepare as this is a tough race.  It’s probably the toughest physical thing that most people will do in their life time. If the preparation is weak then the agonies will be high. If the preparation is solid, your belief becomes stronger too and as with my previous post, this is the overriding factor in success ( and strengthening belief can be so easy…..

Runners now have a month left and with everything tied up, every last detail seen to, their race will be a real pleasure. Still extremely tough but tough fun…..

Above are a couple of images, one is the medic tent which does such a great job. They are called doc trotters but the aim is not to have to visit but event the best prepared often suffer blisters so this cannot always be avoided.

I look forward to this years race as I am sure most of the competitors do. It will be great to see new faces and new dramas….!

This is my account from 2006

Written by markgillett

February 27, 2010 at 12:12 pm

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