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I am sat in a cafe in my home town. A cafe that is part of a local church and in 10 minutes there is a Friday service.  I am here for some peaceful time to write not for the service but find myself writing about what I see and not what I need to do for my work.

I am opposite an elderly couple dressed in hi vis jackets over their Berghaus fleeces so I assume they work outdoors somewhere. They are together, also in love. very in love..  Most of those around me look happy and are probably 20 years older than me.  Few worries, content with their day .  The couple on my table are reading an adventure magazine talking about some of the beautiful places in the world they would love to go to, may never go to…  I am not sure really.  The husband has now walked away and the wife continues to talk…….funny!  He returns and they finish up their coffee and wander off hand in hand…. I have been so lucky to have travelled to where I have but they are lucky in what they have too. Peace. Beautiful.

Back to work…….

Written by markgillett

February 19, 2010 at 12:04 pm

Posted in Coaching, Life, Travel

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