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“In The Now”

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I mentioned this concept yesterday in the Intent post so I though I would develop on it today.  It has been around for years and I first heard Martina Navratilova talk about it in terms of how she thinks on the the tennis court in a match or in training.  Her focus was just about as good as it gets…

Simply, its about not thinking what might be in the future but more what you are trying to do right now to get to where you want to be.  In tennis, its easy to dream of winning, think about what it will look like holding up that trophy but you can only succeed in realising that goal if you focus in the now.  By doing this and building block by block you greatly improve your chances of success.

However, saying that the plan and a goal is essential too because without you cannot identify what needs to be done right now. Once the goal is established you must then not let the outcome thoughts interfere with the immediate task which will enable the outcome.  Concentrate on the immediate actions and your journey to your goal will be very pleasurable. Again, I reiterate winning is not always possible but lessons will be learnt and dealing with any failure will be easier.

The following images are from a race I covered in 2008 in the amazon.  Briefly my thinking in the now started when I got the commission.  I researched where I would be, conditions, rainfall temperature etc. I then focussed on all the necessary kit I would need to allow me to get into the jungle to get the shots I wanted without having to worry about me or my cameras- clothing, water proofing, security, backups, cases for my kit and so on.  I then needed to find buyers of the images other than those I had. I wrote pitches to many magazines and papers. With everything in place  I arrived and assessed all my work so far.  Did I need anything else before departing to the middle of nowhere?  No, I was fully equipped.  Now I had the shoot to do for 7 days and to be honest it was a pleasure.  I did not have to worry about anything as my preparation was solid.

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February 17, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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