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Lego Serious Play

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Lego Serious Play is a tool I was introduced to two years ago and one that I think is very good at doing what is says it will do. Added to this, it give you a solid tangible build to refer to and see right before your eyes.

Lego is for building. In its simplest form it is bricks that click together, rather satisfyingly, and allow the builder to explore and create. Almost anything can be built using it and in the training room it seems to keep all participants absorbed for hours but more importantly the building done is for the future.

Lego Serious Play is exactly what it says. Children build their dreams using it. I remember building police stations, helicopter pads and houses and I was a part of every toy build. Now in business we use it to build the company. See it for what it is now, what it aspires to be in the future and how it will get there. We build teams and find the identities within the teams and those all important shared identities. At the end of a Lego Training session a team will see a way forward to a shared goal in a way that they had not seen it before. Understanding and respect within the team is infinitely stronger and its all their on the boardroom table to look at.

Now I use it in personal development too. On Skype in the comfort of your home or one to one. And I build with you. I love Lego.

This morning I spoke with the creator of LSP and the developments are constant. It is being used in large engineering projects, the world of green and tackling global warming, regular business and of course personal development. His enthusiasm about Lego never wains. His success stories are continuous too.

There is more on it here or give me a call to find out more. Details at

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February 15, 2010 at 2:13 pm

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