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Why do we need help?

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What is it about asking for help that is so hard for so many of us?

If we play sport, dance, or do some other hobby or activity we will naturally go for help in terms of a coach. When things get tough at work or at home we try to fumble by, continue to make the same mistakes and often get into a complete mess. Sometimes the way forward is just not that clear but we just keep believing things will change.

The biggest problem is things do not change.  The change has to come from the person experiencing the troubles and to pass those or blame someone else does not effect change…. In some cases change may be drastic and others small, but where the change that is needed is small it could turn out big if no action is taken. I suppose a good analogy can be found on the tennis court. A player with a particular fault in their style will if they continue end up with tennis elbow or a back injury. If they then continue further they will make the injury worse still.  Eventually they find they can no longer play their favourite sport. In business?  You get laid off. At home your spouse leaves you, or things become intolerable and so on….

Making change is a huge decision because it means finally admitting that something is wrong. Everyone hates that but lets face it, everyone on this planet gets things wrong.  Everyone fails at some point but its how we deal with that failure that makes us successful. Click through to to find our more.. also go to… check out the first pic too, its mine!

Written by markgillett

February 11, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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