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Ok, this is the image and this is how I got it.

I spent 3 days bugging the organisers, I went to the helicopter around 4 times before I got to go up. I had been promised I would get on but it is never for sure. I still had to push for it.  Finally I got my time and I went tot he helicopter early to be sure I did not miss it. Finally I was strapped in next to the tv cameraman so a bit of a squeeze but beggers can’t be choosy.

Once we were up the pilot asked what I wanted and at first I was not sure but things soon became clearer.  I needed the usual safe shots of runners from above, shadows, and height showing the landscape but I wanted me in the final shot. We circled a few times and I fired away but the one shot I now visualised eluded me.  We checked out the sun, runners and I relayed to the pilot my request.  We made one final swing round and I shot around 4 shots to get what I needed.  I was very happy.  We landed.

I did not get the shot or the series of images by luck.  I had to create what I wanted.  I used the knowledge around me, my own experience and thought through my process.

I always try to put myself in the position of most potential in order to get images that stand out…..SOmetimes that costs a lot of money as I am freelance but without I would not achieve the images I want

In business it is no different.  If you want to reach your goal you need to take risks, put yourself out there and think quickly. Find out what the place of most potential is because if not you don’t you will miss all the opportunities around you…..

Written by markgillett

February 10, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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