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Look Around You.

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On any assignment or project you will have a goal or task to meet for your client or employer but that does not mean you should focus too narrowly on the task, if you do you might miss a real opportunity. Take a look around you. Photographers usually find this easy to remember but in business its often forgotten and an opportunity can be missed if your view is too narrow.

Below is an example of looking around on one of my assignments…  I was covering the Jungle Marathon in Brazil, there were two incidents in the medic room and needed to be covered. One was going into a coma and the other was in excruciating pain with a back injury. My job was to shoot the moment, record everything that happened.  I was there for press.

I looked around and for me the best shot is the last one of the locals looking on in amazement.  I liked it, it finished the story and if I had not turned around I would not have captured a winding up shot.  Obviously there were a lot more shots than you see here and if you wish to see that portfolio go to

A task you can try is to go and shoot a subject and see how many ways you can capture it.  Different lenses, angles whatever just be creative around one subject. And don’t forget to look around you…..

I will twitter this out too and use lightstalking to hit a few of you….

Written by markgillett

February 9, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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