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What exactly is an image???

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I just posted a friend on facebook about capturing images in his mind and it got me thinking.  What is an image? We buy them, we sell them, we create them.

As we now know it, its something we create artistically, graphically on a computer or on a camera and is bought or sold. But that sort of image is really just a cue for a memory or an emotion that we feel.  In its tangible form it is just a picture but in the emotional sense it is so much more.  If you created the image, when viewed in the future it might take you back to so many happenings or memories, not just one.  If you were not the creator it might stir up emotions that take you back to memories of yours or take you into the world of the image you are looking at where you have to make up the story.

The power of the image is probably greater now than it has ever been.  Everywhere we look the world is full of them. Our phones take photographs. Every digital device we have seems to snap a picture and then gives us the ability to share with others.

In terms of communication it is probably the most powerful tool we have for affecting the emotional state of the mind of those around us and sadly this can be used negatively as well.

My world is led by images and I need to capture.  I am still trying to work out why sometimes….. More later….

Written by markgillett

February 8, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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