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The World Around Us…A Photographers Mind

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As a photographer, I find myself looking around me all the time for those moments that are so beautiful. The world that gives us so much and we willingly take from it daily..  I am often without my cameras as to carry my kit everywhere simply would not work, but I have now got a small panasonic which allows me some other privileges too. I frame imagesall the time.  In my high street, driving, or just playing with the kids. I see people laughing and freeze that in my mind.  When I wander the streets of a city I constantly see its beauty….. I see other stuff too which intrigues me as much.

I have been lucky to travel the world and see so many different cultures and each time whether its been a commission or personal, I have managed to capture some quite beautiful moments.  This week I am going to focus on photography on my blog.  The work I do and the images I find. At the end of each blog I will suggest an exercise to do help improve your own photography.. I still do these. Today’s is to go out and shoot a fixed focal length between 17 and 50 mm without changing or zooming for an hour or so; test yourself. A 50mm standard is good for this and a zoom or telephoto is too easy…..

Here is a selection of stuff from around the world…..During the week I will let you know the story behind some of them or the process that led to the image I have displayed…  I hope you enjoy.  It would be interesting if anyone can name some of the places…..

Great blogging site at Worth a visit too.

Written by markgillett

February 8, 2010 at 12:14 pm

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