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The earlier post was an example of stopping short.  Her first right answer was to go to the gym.  Do something about her health and make change..  This on its own was a huge decision and probably the biggest and toughest one she had to make. However, once there she was stopping short of her real potential. She actually ended up doing the exercise 3 times and the first two she so nearly made it but something told her each time that she could not do the full 30 seconds.  Not until the intructor got so pissed did she finally relent and do it.  And even after that she was not totally exhausted.

Stopping short is always easier.  Its telling yourself that you have done most of it so you can stop there, no one will notice. And you would be right.  Most people would not notice.  They just think you can’t do it…  One of the comments on this subject pointed out ‘that her limiting beliefs were broken down’ by the instructor which is exactly it.  The method of breaking her limiting belief might not appeal to everyone but all the same it did get her to realise greater potential.

Coaching can help this in so many ways and not just by screaming.  Seeing what potential you have is often not so easy yourself but when you do realise it the options are endless……

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February 2, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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