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I have had a few comments or emails about the belief post which was a popular subject.

On Friday I met with Carlyle Jenkins at ProHab and it was interesting to talk about the same stuff in terms of healing, coaching and performance, and the effect that belief can have.  Also the things that can dent that belief and hinder performance.

In my coaching it is also the one element that usually needs most attention.  A non believer, or self doubter can change their mindset but it does take a process and is not always easy.  Identifying the cause of the doubt helps but also identifying what your inner beliefs are is also necessary. Unlearning learnt behaviour patterns that have led to self-doubt and re learning positive patterns can also be a key. It may only be doubt in one area of work, say presentations or public speaking that you believe you don’t do well and if this is a key area of your job it can limit your overall performance if not dealt with. If worked on it could underpin confidence in so many areas of work or life and suddenly your career moves like Concorde!

It is a vicious circle as success breeds belief and vice versa and it does not matter which comes first. A naturally positive person will likely succeed more often so this will reinforce their confidence and inner belief.  These people go through life more easily than others until of course something huge like divorce or a big work/career failure suddenly dents that security. And often it’s those who we perceive as solid, strong and unbreakable that can fall the hardest. They don’t believe that ‘all this shit’ can happen to them and when it does it really knocks them for six.  When disaster happens to the negative person, it’s just ‘another piece of shit’ they have to deal with.  It’s a bit like the recent financial crisis.  For the Brits and Americans it was a disaster as we have had it good for so long.  For the French it was just another one of those thats been happening every 3 years for them.  I spoke to an engineer from India recently who said the mental effect on the average Indian was zero.  They don’t remember good times even though their economy is steaming ahead so whatever growth they have now was better than what they had before and if they slipped into decline it would not really affect too many.

So what does this tell us? Should we all go and live in India so we don’t feel the pinch? Or move to France so we experience more financial meltdowns that when the big one comes we don’t notice it so much?

Well, of course we could but that would not be practical, however, it does tell us that it’s a state of mind and can be influenced or changed positively with the right messages around us.  There are many factors that help to give us a positive state of mind like fitness, nutrition, environment, weather and so on…

Working with our minds is just as important as working with our diet and overall has a far greater effect but for the best overall effect we need to keep all areas of our being tuned for the best performance. Check out Prohab some time too.  Site is above…..

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February 1, 2010 at 11:00 am

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