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Belief vs Doubt

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Last night I posted about belief being the overriding factor in success.  I related it to the Marathon des Sables but it applies to everything we do, even illness. People who go through life thinking they will never get really sick, rarely do.

There are some that belief comes to naturally, they just feel they will succeed in what they will do.  Then there are those who naturally are doubters and there are so many factors in the pot that shape our inner self that by the time we are adult we just settle for who or what we are. “Oh I couldn’t do that” say the doubters, and the believers just do it or move on to something they can do.

The Marathon des Sables is a good example of believers. Naturally just by signing up there is a good chance they are a believer and most make it.  Even those who hide the fact that they are believers by down playing themselves will have inner belief and succeed.

Completing a marathon or the MdS is not that difficult when you really come down to the facts.  You have everything you need to survive, water, food, shelter and you have transport.  Your feet.  So why fail?  What is it that shapes the believer or the finisher vs the non finisher.  And what is it that rocks our belief when it was so strong in the first place?

I think in these scenarios preparation and management are the key factors to maintaining your belief and being able to adapt when something goes wrong.  I had a dreadful first day on my MdS.  I cramped at night, had headaches and new I had overcooked it. Day two I had to change my mindset and plan.  I did and maintained my belief.  By the end of day 2 over 90 had dropped out all ready because of the heat and excessive humidity.  I too would have gone if I had not adapted.

I truly believe that 99% of the people I meet could do a marathon or more.  The one key element tho is ‘want’.  If you do not want to do one or its not really a priority then the chances are you will think you cant.  So the trick in becoming someone with self belief is finding that something that you really want to do.  Then put the blocks in place to do it. Build the foundation. When you have finally achieved it your inner belief will grow immensely.  Then you need to find something else you really want or continue on the path of the first want and expand it…..  Its about not stopping at the first right answer but finding the next, and the next..

In business if you don’t really like your work, job or people around you, you will not be driven to success.  Change your environment.  Take a leap an go find what you really want.

Our lives and belief are shaped much by what we see on TV and in the media.  We see true believers all the time but they come in the form of Blair, Bush, Hussain or Hitler…… Its in the news daily.  Or we read the tabloids and see the excesses of celebrity. We read it and watch it but do we really want to be like them? So because of this bombardment of rubbish media we see that to be a believer and full of power is not a good thing.  But if we had more exposure to people like Branson, Tony Robbins, Gates, Sir Alan Sugar and people like that on a daily basis then we might see the good in being full of self belief.  Self belief can and is good in most cases, we just don’t see the good ones enough….

We can shape our belief and strengthen it in many ways. If we surround ourselves with like minded people, people with positive mindsets we feel better and we perform better.  A good office environment promotes good productivity. Get a coach. We naturally call a coach if we want to improve our golf or tennis.  Why not for your mindset?

Most human beings are very much the same, similar worries, similar dreams, we all eat at similar time a day, we all wake up and go to sleep at similar times and we all die when we are old.  I recently saw some images of masses of humans all naked.  It was weird because suddenly we look like a heard of wilder-beast and recognising faces became difficult.  They were stripped of their identity which is essentially their clothes and hair style. The raw human is really quite the same.

So if we are all so similar there is no reason we cannot be like those we perceive to be more successful or leading fulfilling lives.  There really is not much that sets us apart.

I just started looking through some library shots for believers I know or have worked with or seen on the MdS.  I found so many so take a look at a few of them above.

Some had their belief to begin with, some have had it grow through good work.  Some of the youths you see are bereaved and had their world rocked.  They now have huge belief back in their lives. Its all in the head. change that and you change so much….. Oh, and there is one lemon in there too.

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Written by markgillett

January 29, 2010 at 10:51 am

3 Responses

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  1. Mark, I will be running the MDS with Tony Shaw. I undersatnd that his wife Alex has arranged for you to take some photo’s of us along the way. Looking very forward tothe adventure. Cheers – John

    John Bennett

    February 1, 2010 at 3:25 am

    • Hi, Yes she has. Look forward to meeting you…



      February 1, 2010 at 11:02 am

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Al_Humphreys: @markgillett538 nice piece on Belief v Doubt in ultramarathons and real life

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    February 19, 2010 at 8:42 am

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