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No 37 Bus and Jack Bauer

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Slow down, take the bus. Life is too short to rush it.

I have been working for a couple of hours now and thought about another blog post and not being totally inspired by anything this morning I thought not.  So I opened a series of images of Tom Aikens (check out his restaurant at The first image was one left on compact flash from a fews days ago.  I was driving through Paris the other day and saw these two old ladies with Jack Bauer of 24.

I had my inspiration.  Earlier I spoke to my wife who was in a ‘BIG RUSH” and I also have a pile of work that is so daunting I keep reorganising and hiding it.  Especially the window envelopes that I do not want to open.  The image just made me think; who has it right?  The two old ladies or me?  The two old ladies or Jack Bauer?

We spend so much of our lives chasing, running, replying, texting, twittering, face-booking, winning contracts that we lose sight of some of the important things.  Time to be. Time to think or just time to catch up with family and friends. It is often this free time that your mind works best too.

I tried to imagine the next few hours of these two old ladies lives….. they will get on the bus together, chat for bit, get off 300 meters from their home.  They will then go to the corner shop, buy some cat food, maybe a small bag of pick and mix for their grandchildren who are dropping by for tea later.  They will then walk home together (I feel they live together, maybe sisters). They feed the cat, put the radio on and listen to Sarkozy in his bi yearly address talking about modernising and they complain a little.  The evening is spent looking after the grand children, playing and finally they have a glass of wine with their supper, watch a bit of Sarkozy on France24 and off to bed.

Then I imagined Jack in the same situation!  He jumped on the same bus, dived across two seats whilst shooting at a terrorist at the back of the bus.  The terrorist escapes unhurt and leaps out of the door whilst the bus is still moving. Jack leaps out after him, smashes his ankle and his suspect gets away.  A helicopter lands and rescues Jack but little does he know that he is now being kidnapped by those he thought were on his side….  He is now handcuffed, blindfolded and beaten as he leaves Paris to an unknown destination. He is tortured by his captures until he finally relents and pays his tax bill; Sarkozy wins in the end!  He is released and dumped on the streets of Paris………..

Our lives vary so much but what is it that makes us happy?  Mostly its about controlling life and not letting life control you. I suspect these two old ladies have everything they ever need. Some but not a lot of stress, beautiful grand children and people around them who care. They are in control of their day and I imagine are happy.

Slow down and take the No 37 bus occasionally and don’t rush your life away…..

Written by markgillett

January 28, 2010 at 11:10 am

Posted in Life, Photography

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