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What is it to be an explorer? To explore, go on an expedition..? These questions are asked so often and many people hang on to them as if they were unique words that described them in a way to be different from the next person… But we are all explorers and adventurers from the day we are born. My first expedition was as a 4 or 5 year old. We went on a family holiday to Cornwall. Myself and my brother and sister slept in the back of our friends BIG Ford Zodiac. Uncle Brian as he was known had a knack of driving with no hands but with the help of the little man in glove compartment. “Why would a man live with the gloves in a small cupboard in the car?” I asked. I just got laughs back but it did not destroy my image of uncle Brian’s helper…..

This was a new experience, incredibly exciting and I learnt so much from it.  I was really travelling..

Expeditions are not the domain of explorers either. An expedition to me is a new experience that often but not always involves travel. It takes you somewhere new and you learn from it. You may then share that with someone else who can perhaps learn too, or you may keep it private.

Right now I am in the biggest exploration stage of my life. New love, new places, career building and it feels like an expedition. It’s no different. I have a few travel expeditions on the horizon too. Empty Quarter, Sinai and more photojournalistic work coming up. My coaching is also a beautiful experience. Helping someone else see a way forward is so rewarding.

Its too easy to look at what we don’t have. I have done it and still do sometimes. But what is important is what we do have. What we have around us. Our loves, children, our home, the people outside that walk by in the street. The beautiful countryside nearby.

I have an old car, a Land Rover. Sometimes it causes me so much grief I could kill it! (sometimes it’s an it, sometimes a she!) But then I look at her, she’s a beautiful shape, the character that has grown with her. Then I realise its the only car my 10 year old has known me to have. She adores her like part of the family. Tells me how she loves being in it. So guess what, I repair her and she keeps going…

There is so much good in our world but it all depends on the perspective you are looking at it from………Photography has taught me so much about perspective.

Written by markgillett

January 24, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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