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More on Paris

The more time I spend here the more I love it.  Other than finding true love here, I am not sure what it is but certainly the lack of rules or perception of ‘big brother’ watching the whole time has really made its mark in my life.  CCTV never really bothered me too much before but now it seems an intrusive part of my life that I despise. I have had so many UK parking fines in the last two years that either the wardens are more vigilant or I am much slacker due to being in France so much. In Paris they do not carry cameras. You are also not snapped everywhere you go by the congestion  charging CCTV and you certainly have a sporting chance, however I am sure this will soon be here.

In UK there is no chance. My worst experience was whilst visiting Abercrombie, that nightmare hell hole on Burlington Gardens. I parked in a bay, paid my ticket by phone only to come back to the proverbial yellow stuck on my screen. Apparently there was a closed parking bay notice 20 meters behind where I parked. I am still fighting this one…..

On to Abercrombie just for one Paragraph. Either I am getting very old or this shop is just nuts! I suspect the latter. The music is louder than a rock concert in Hyde Park and the smell is just plain toxic! Perfume now has a new meaning in my head. This aside, there is always a queue to enter the shop and once in, the queue for the till starts just after the entrance and takes around an hour!

This brings me back to my subject of Paris. There is NO Abercrombie in Paris. This alone is one great reason I am here. The shops here are far more chic, smell beautiful and are never so crowded that you can’t get it. In fact I am not sure how anyone makes any money  in Paris trade as it is so prohibitively expensive and the shops all seem empty.  Mind you, €700 for a pair of shoes, I suppose you only need to sell a pair a day…

Now dining and wining is just superb. Right now this is not a great option as I am quite broke but hopefully not for too long………

I have been to many cafe’s and restaurants now and find myself so at ease with Paris. I don’t agree that all Parisiens are rude, only some, and I love the atmosphere in this society of freedom and expression.  I love the look, the speed and the decadence.

I return to England on Tuesday so will get out and add a few shots to this page on Monday.  I hope you enjoy……

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January 23, 2010 at 6:43 pm

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