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Youth Desert Trip

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I am currently organising a youth trip to the desert. The expedition will give young people the chance to experience an area of the world that has given me so much pleasure and excitement. An environment that seems so harsh and brutal but when experienced first hand exudes beauty. Of all the people I have taken into the desert, all have left in awe and vowed to return.

The underlying purpose of this trip will be to provide the children an opportunity to discover new territory, learn life skills and test their limits in one of the most powerful enthralling environments in the world. They will:

· Learn to work as a team.
· Enjoy fellowship with others who have experienced bereavement.
· Manage day-to-day living in an often harsh environment.
· Develop management and planning skills.
· Learn navigation, camping and survival skills
· Experience the challenge of an endurance hike
· Experience the satisfaction of fundraising.

The expedition will raise money for Woking Hospice as well as be involved in other projects throughout the expedition. Some of the participants will be bereaved children that the hospice work with through their networking and hopefully this will be of great benefit to them.

If you would like to contact me with regard this project, sponsorship, or any other expeditions, please email me at

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October 8, 2006 at 9:48 pm

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